About Us

Nationwide Power is a leading provider of solutions and services for the critical power industry. Our success is the direct result of focusing on delivering reliable products and customized solutions, while providing best-in-class customer service.

Our goal is to be an extension of your business, adding value wherever possible. By managing your critical backup power systems, Nationwide Power frees you up to focus your time on managing your core business.

You can learn more about us by downloading our line card, which details all the ways we can help your business.  Nationwide Power Line Card

Partners for Success

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we can’t take all of the credit for our successes. Over the years, our customers have helped us establish our high standards by demanding a greater variety of products, timely service and support and some of the industry’s best customer service. We want to be viewed not just as another vendor, but a true partner for our customers.

Our ability to provide outstanding products and stellar service has fueled our growth and allows us to provide the solutions that many of today’s corporations require. We will continue to adopt and change our business to the needs the Industry demands. Ultimately, our success will be determined by the solutions we can offer, and how well we take care of our customers.

How Can Nationwide Power Help You?

You’ve seen how we’ve built our business and reputation by providing sales and unmatched service expertise to our customers. The question now is how we can apply our skills and experience to help you succeed. Every customer has different needs and our approach is to create custom solutions that can satisfy those exact needs.

Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help you succeed. You can reach us 800-868-2780, or for a quick quote please use the form at the top right of this page.